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Art From the Heart 
The AFTH FAMILY has spoken……….

Natalie has danced with AFTH for 9 years (since she was 3). We found AFTH quite by accident, as I was desperate to find something for my over active, hyper daughter to do(pediatrician recommended). ATFH, was a gift from God! It was one of the best decisions I have ever made regarding my daughter. In Natalie's words, AFTH is teaching her acceptance. Acceptance of Gods word, friends, and the world. She claims she can truly be herself, and that "herself" is always good enough! Her best friends are at ATFH! Life long lasting relationships which will see her through this crazy world! Also, love. Love for God, others and especially herself. Your the bomb, we love you...truly! Meredith( mom)
Natalie (Age 11yr)

I have been dancing at art from the heart for 11 years ,and it is not just my dance studio it is my home. I love knowing I'm in a safe environment, and can talk openly to my teachers. Also Art From The Heart has made me a stronger dancer then you know. This is because I'm not only dancing to be a dancer but to glorify GOD.
Mackenzie (Age 14)

I have been at the studio coming up on 15 years, But AFTH has been more than just a dance studio to me. Yes, I have learned many skills that are important in becoming a dancer and performer, and yes I have spent endless hours practicing my technique and working out, but I have learned much more than how to properly hold myself, or how to turn without falling over. I have learned about myself as a young woman and who I am in Christ. I have learned through several instances about unconditional love and grace, and I have made countless, precious friendships that will last. When I think about Art From the Heart, I don't just think about empty rooms full of barres. Its home away from home, my second family.
Summerlin (Age 22) Still at AFTH & performer at Universal

I have no idea how long I've been there lol. My first class was in 1997 and I guess I'm still kinda there lol? 
" AFTH has meant everything to me. It has always been my home away from home and the place that brings me back to focus on the things that matter most. It brought me amazing friends who I have walked through all he good and bad of life with and allowed me to pursue my passion of dancing with a heart of worship. It gave me the opportunity to minister to others and learn how to worship through an art form that I love. I wouldn't be who I am today without AFTH in my life."
 Love you! Danielle(25yrs old)

 AFTH is more than a dance studio, we're a family. Through the 12 years I've been a part of AFTH I've received never ending support. What I love about AFTH is that we don't only dance to entertain but we dance as an act of worship and passion. At AFTH we are love, forgiveness, craziness, laughter, joy.... We are family!
Tabatha (22 yrs old)

My family has been part of the AFTH family for 15 years. Those have been wonderful years for our family ! Our girls have not only learned how to dance but they have learned life lessons as well! They have learned that it is not just about winning but it is about touching lives along the way. I am thankful for Jennifer's commitment to my daughters and the other dancers at AFTH! Pam Thompson ( AFTH mom)

"Skye has been at AFTH for 5 years. She has enjoyed making great friends and having many wonderful opportunities to learn about the performing arts. Not many places offer dance, music theatre and vocal training all together with Christ-centered values. AFTH is special in that way. As a family, we have enjoyed the many outreach opportunities in the community, using dance as a way to share the love of God."
 Kimber (AFTH mom)

I have been with AFTH for 15 years and I have no idea where id be in life without this family! Its taught me what's important in life and that you can always do something if you put your mind to it. AFTH's great leadership has been a great role model for me and helped me become a better person.
Savannah (20 yrs)

Art from the Heart has been a huge blessing. I can't imagine raising girls without the Godly influence of Jennifer and the amazing opportunities that the studio has offered us. She has such a heart for Jesus and the dancers. We have been at the studio for 20 years.
Linda Derringer( 4 girls studied at AFTH)


"Art From the Heart creates a wonderful environment where young dancers can grow and thrive! " 


"I have watched this studio grow from it's inception. While my girls danced at a different studio, they have competed against Art from the Heart. I commend the principals that this studio has been built on, and the awesome dancers that have trained there.

C Kelly 

"I've seen their phenomenal performances!" 


"Most outstanding instructors. Very hands on and students enjoy the classes." 

S. Crumpton 

"The group is well trained, and has that "WOW!" factor." 


"I have seen several of their programs on video. They are terrific!" 

Lace T 

"I believe not only are they amazing, but most of all they cause our children today to have a sense of fulfilling their potential and purpose. In a high impact society where our cultures seem to be moving in a negative direction towards our youth, they are making a difference in our community." 

Tina Fernandez 

"They encourage confidence and skills in their students who love the art of dance." 

Kelly N. 

"Awesome staff that is as concerned about the child's heart as much as their abilities!" 

Former teacher 

"There is no studio in Orlando quite like Art from the Heart. It is a place where every student is loved and valued from the youngest to the most advanced. They provide the safe and loving environment that every parent desires in a dance studio!

dance parent 

"The teachers are great and very supportive of the dancers. My daughter has been dancing here for 8 yrs and loves it!" 

A parent 

"The outreach ministry to the community proves Art From the Heart truly cares for the art of dance as well as the community. The studio brings a variety of dance styles to local nursing homes every Christmas season. It's important that the dancers know it is not just about the end of year recital that matters. 


"Not only will your child learn to dance, but they'll also change their hearts! In this day and age of "all about me"...it's refreshing to find a place that teaches our children to have "hearts for others!" You guys rock!" 

Kim Grosse 

"They are the only dance studio in Orlando that I know of that actually does what it says. Integrity is hard to come by nowadays and this studio excels in this area." 


"I love AFTH because they have made my 4 year old love to dance" 

M Anderson 

"Art from the Heart nurtures the whole person—body, mind and spirit. They are very affirming of each dancer, while providing unequaled technical instruction. Art from the Heart facilitates a supportive, encouraging environment not only among teachers and students, but among fellow students as well. They're tops!


"If you are looking for a quality dance studio with top instructors and a fun, loving environment that is safe for your child, this is the place for you." 


"Art From the Heart is The Best dance studio in Central FL! Their caring and professional instructors are creative and attuned to each student regardless of their level of expertise. " 

Dance Parent 

"AFTH is awesome. Not only is my daughter learning excellent technique, but she is having fun and thought she doesn't know it, is also learning confidence and life skills that will serve her well beyond dancing! I love AFTH!"