ART FROM THE HEART's objective: provide a Christian atmosphere in which to teach excellence in the Fine Arts and encourage a Heart of Worship! provide students with the opportunity to interact with others, learn commitment and be able to express the love, dreams and desires of their heart through the performing arts. provide the best and most consistant Fine Arts education available.

MY DESIRE IS....... have a Performing Arts Center inspired by experiences (both negative & positive) during my many years of dance training. I received a very rigid and disciplined training; but was also subjected to great emtional abuse, resulting in many years of questioning my self worth both personally and as a performer.

I have since learned to compare those experiences with that of my walk with God. Just as my life was once lacking in purpose and meaning, so the Fine Arts lack without Christ. It is this revelation that birthed my hearts desire to teach excellence in the Fine Arts combined with a Heart of Worship.

The combination of the Fine Arts along with a Heart of Worship provides for a powerful, inspiring and graceful example of a heart that desires to glorify God. 

We look forward to having you as part of our ART from the HEART family, and getting know you better!

ART from the HEART
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