Class Placement for your child is something we at AFTH tave very seriously.

We spend much time consulting as a staff on what woudl be the ideal placement for your child's continued growth as a dancer.  We take into consideration the individual structure of each class, the level of ability and the particular teacher.  Our goal is to challenge each student, yet avoid that fine line where frustration sets in due to being in a class that is too difficult for them.  We want them to learn, excel in and enjoye their class.

We must also take into consideration the overall development of the entire class.  We want everyone involved in each class to progress.  We do not want students to fall behind, nor do we want a class held up due to a student who has been misplaced in a class. 

We appreciate your trust and support of our placement decisions. We want what is best for your child based on the reality of their abilities.